Well, Why Not? (Part 3)

The twins pushed the net over their heads, flinging it to the side. “Well Mam-Duchess, why DON’T you marry one? We’re still just kids, after all!”

Sister Indelicata tipped her head, as she gathered up her seal-hunting net. That was the most grown-up thing they’d ever said. Perhaps those girls had promise, after all.

The Duchess blushed and the lonely widowers shuffled. The first, largest group beat a hasty retreat to the ballroom door, careful to stuff handfuls of delicacies from the banquet table into their pockets. One snagged a bottle of bubbly. Sister began to swing her net.


The door began to swing shut behind the First Lonely Widowers. The Duchess shook her head. Sister shrugged and folded the net over her arms. Twins Tikk and Tokk drew their sleeves under their runny noses, eying the glistening towers of spun sugar confectionaries.

The second group of widowers muttered to each other.

“Those two girls could use a good bath, and some discipline…”

“I prefer them meek, like my dearest departed…”

“Too bad the net-hunter’s a nun…”

“Give them another five years, I might…”

“How old do you think they are? How old do you think SHE is?”


One man stepped forward, teary-eyed for the Duchess’ embarrassment. “I don’t know who’re the biggest fools, here. This group of shallow, (some) slightly perverted, bored widowers that came here to take advantage of your generosity…or you?! All that was needed was to ask for help, little sister.”

“I wanted to raise the girls on my own. Their father was my childhood love, their mother my dearest friend.”

“You’ve always been independent.”

The twins’ eyes grew wide. “You had a choice, and you chose us?”

The Duchess nodded. The girls tackled her.

Sister Indelicata smiled, and slipped out the door.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2021)

Carrot Ranch Prompt(08/05/2021): In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about an open door. It can be literal or metaphorical. What is behind the door? Who is seeking and why? As the writer, how will you manage the discovery? Go where the prompt leads!

(For Part 1, Please Click Here)

11 thoughts on “Well, Why Not? (Part 3)

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  2. Each family has their own way of doing things. I love how you write the widowers, their annoyance and small-mindedness is fun to loathe. These girls will be strong willed and forge their own futures, I’m sure. Great writing Liz! I’ll have to check out the alternate part 3 you’ve mentioned.

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