Disappeared 15

Six Sentence Stories

The freeway and most of the East Side’s roadways were shut down for the usual spate of State, County and local construction projects allowed by their short northern summers, but Bethany rolled down her Jeep’s windows and turned her car radio up so that everybody could enjoy Fleetwood Mac’s 1973 classic, “Hypnotized.” Continue reading

Disappeared 3

Six Sentence StoriesEloise leaned back, one hand on the steering wheel of her mother’s Ford Mondeo Wagon, and grew increasingly annoyed at the jam that stopped traffic for miles, as it did every Friday when she had to drive her young twin sisters to her mother’s second ex-husband’s home from the house they all shared with her brother, Andrew, and her mother. Continue reading

Sometimes a Miracle!

cartoon PigMaximilian munched on his last MLT sandwich. The sun set over the mesa he lived atop. Years ago, it’d split away – like magic! – as the surrounding continent had sunk under the ocean. The sheep dwindled, while lettuce, tomatoes, and wheat thrived. Continue reading

Well, Why Not? (Part 3)

The twins pushed the net over their heads, flinging it to the side. “Well Mam-Duchess, why DON’T you marry one? We’re still just kids, after all!”

Sister Indelicata tipped her head, as she gathered up her seal-hunting net. That was the most grown-up thing they’d ever said. Perhaps those girls had promise, after all. Continue reading