Disappeared 31

Vintage Unicorn

Source: Rawpixel LTD/Flickr

Heaving a deep sigh, the mage lifted his face from his hands to regard the man slumped before him, Joseph’s eyes cloudy – nay, nearly empty — in the flickering shadow world that had up to now had been his alone to inhabit. Joseph had made a mistake, flubbed a spell he didn’t understand in the first place, and lost most of his sharp mind — but surely the young man didn’t deserve to lose everything?  Continue reading

Sometimes a Miracle!

cartoon PigMaximilian munched on his last MLT sandwich. The sun set over the mesa he lived atop. Years ago, it’d split away – like magic! – as the surrounding continent had sunk under the ocean. The sheep dwindled, while lettuce, tomatoes, and wheat thrived. Continue reading

Well, Why Not? (Part 4)

Sister Indelicata left the cacophony of squeals and laughter behind her; the tall, hardwood door sneezed delicately shut, blessing the happy, healed family. Indelicata’s bare feet whispered swift and sure, softer than the guttering of the beeswax candles that provided more scent than light. Continue reading

Well, Why Not? (Part 3)

The twins pushed the net over their heads, flinging it to the side. “Well Mam-Duchess, why DON’T you marry one? We’re still just kids, after all!”

Sister Indelicata tipped her head, as she gathered up her seal-hunting net. That was the most grown-up thing they’d ever said. Perhaps those girls had promise, after all. Continue reading