A Cup Untouched

Two pitchers, one blue & one white, against a backdrop of green trees and open skies

© Ayr/Gray

From Jenne Gray and C.E. Ayr’s photo prompt. The Unicorn Challenge (04/14/23). No more than 250 words in length. Otherwise, let your creative flag fly!

“You realize that you’ve likely ruined the kettle, right?” She gazed beyond the electric tea kettle and pitcher of thick milk that perched, cooling, on the apartment’s veranda rail. Green trees and blue skies spread languorously, but the sharp, slightly fishy scent of the ocean nearby intruded at the will of the wind. She’d hoped for a walk through town down the hill – they were new to the area – but the scent was making her nauseous.

“A morning like this deserves a bracing cup of coffee!” the second enthused. “Rinse the kettle thoroughly and it’ll be good as new.” Continue reading

Reversal and Gratitude

Here’s a two-fer for Linda Hill’s Just-Jot-It January 2023, combining Sadje and Carole Anne’s prompt words. They just seemed to flow together in a stream of consciousness story. We’re only half way through the month, but if you want to play (read others’ posts and/or write your own) here is where you go to join in! The prompts are:

Reversal (Sadje @ http://lifeafter50forwomen.wordpress.com )

Gratitude (Carol Anne @ http://therapybits.com/)


January 13 – Reversal

While it wasn’t exactly a face palm, her forehead did wind up lowered into her left hand, head tipped to the side. She gazed at him from under her curtain of curly bangs, unable to believe what she was hearing now. Her elbows dropped to the dark wooden table as her left hand met the right and clasped her mouth. She sighed and looked at him straight on. “How in the hell did we get to this place?” Continue reading

Giant Change

Kittelson troll boy with a cauldron

Hugo, as a young one, as seen by Kittelson

Hugo was unhappy. He’d been left in the tree swing too long. The swing, his favorite, hung from a branch of the biggest Douglas fir on Heffinger Mountain. A snack, a nap, a swing in the sack, and he’d be a happy boy all day. Continue reading

Free Woman

Apple with bites out of it

It shimmered in the oven: double the fruit, delicate lattice work across the top, pattern broken once by carefully cut leaves, light glaze over the whole thing. She smiled, satisfied. Continue reading