Disappeared 55

Vintage Unicorn

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The Scottish mage was used to waiting and recalling old exploits in the interim, but now his mind was filled with Joseph’s life memories, as well as his own more recent times as Shadowman, with Chuckie and Ducks; strangely, these memories seemed more satisfying to dwell on, than the shady shenanigans and shallow alliances he’d made in his prior existence. Continue reading

Disappeared 54

Six Sentence Stories

The air temperature had dropped and sunlight dimmed since they’d first entered the tunnel to Whisky Nicolaysen’s abandoned speakeasy, escaped through the shifting haunted mansion, and scrambled down the cliff’s dilapidated stairway to their jeep; massive rainclouds hung overhead, full to bursting with rain and hail.  Continue reading

Disappeared 53

Six Sentence Stories

Joseph, light-headed, his legs shaking, peered down the ruined stairway that zigzagged down the cliff-side from the haunted mansion to the entrance to the Speakeasy tunnels where the Bethany had left her jeep.

“I sure could use a Scooby Snack about now,” he mumbled, adding, “I’m not so used to moving around on terra firma.” Continue reading

Disappeared 52

Six Sentence Stories

The tunnel shifted, the river of sewer water belched and dropped suddenly into a steaming waterfall, and the bioluminescence on the walls flared.

“Ruh-roh,” said Andrew as he let go of Joseph and swept the twins into his arms, herding them toward their mother, Bethany, and the gate that led to the relative safety of the mansion above.  Continue reading