Disappeared 40

Bunch of carrots

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The Mage had left Joseph wandering the haunted mansion’s grounds. As memories returned, Joseph needed time away within the Shadowlands to grieve his losses. Given time, Joseph’s moans would quiet as he began to return to himself.

The Scottish mage also needed time away. He thought of The Twins and their mother, Bethany: just like that, he was there. Continue reading

Disappeared 39

Six Sentence Stories

He found that he could still travel forward and backward in time, and anywhere across the known universe —  really anywhere across space and time — but that limits had been imposed on his wandering, once he had accepted the care of Joseph’s memories.

For the Scottish mage, traveling between different strands of the multiverse was no longer possible; those doors had been slammed shut as the door to Joseph’s life and family had been thrown open to him.  Continue reading

Disappeared 37

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The Scottish mage leaned back and reviewed his many-decades residency in the Shadow World, his fingertips steepled, pointer fingers touched to lower lip; listening intently to the many threads of the family’s relationships as each was plucked, he finally discerned the melody and the strange harmonies of their connection. Continue reading

Disappeared 33

Vintage Unicorn

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The Scottish mage couldn’t bear to tell Joseph that his wife, Bethany, had moved on and married a fast-talking, Grecian Hair Formula-loving, admittedly good looking and virile older man; the younger man was in enough pain as it was.

The mage chuckled grimly as he mentally probed down into the older man’s cellular level and noted the creeping neurotoxins that would soon spread to his internal organs: Such was the price of vanity! Continue reading