Disappeared 40

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The Mage had left Joseph wandering the haunted mansion’s grounds. As memories returned, Joseph needed time away within the Shadowlands to grieve his losses. Given time, Joseph’s moans would quiet as he began to return to himself.

The Scottish mage also needed time away. He thought of The Twins and their mother, Bethany: just like that, he was there. Continue reading

Disappeared 39

Six Sentence Stories

He found that he could still travel forward and backward in time, and anywhere across the known universe —  really anywhere across space and time — but that limits had been imposed on his wandering, once he had accepted the care of Joseph’s memories.

For the Scottish mage, traveling between different strands of the multiverse was no longer possible; those doors had been slammed shut as the door to Joseph’s life and family had been thrown open to him.  Continue reading

Disappeared 31

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Heaving a deep sigh, the mage lifted his face from his hands to regard the man slumped before him, Joseph’s eyes cloudy – nay, nearly empty — in the flickering shadow world that had up to now had been his alone to inhabit. Joseph had made a mistake, flubbed a spell he didn’t understand in the first place, and lost most of his sharp mind — but surely the young man didn’t deserve to lose everything?  Continue reading

Disappeared 11

Six Sentence Stories

“Oh my God,” Eloise moaned into the top of her knees, body bent into a sitting fetal position and thoroughly defeated by the twins’ repeated singing of the nearly out-of-control Shari Lewis and Friends song; she leaned into a deeper regret at having sent her brother Andrew off to the haunted mansion with only a broken flashlight and a box of three matches, and screamed, “Will you two just shut up?!” Continue reading