Disappeared 54

Six Sentence Stories

The air temperature had dropped and sunlight dimmed since they’d first entered the tunnel to Whisky Nicolaysen’s abandoned speakeasy, escaped through the shifting haunted mansion, and scrambled down the cliff’s dilapidated stairway to their jeep; massive rainclouds hung overhead, full to bursting with rain and hail.  Continue reading

Disappeared 46

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“Ingress and egress, shadow between,                                                                   

Passage do rest on the right sequenced three.

The spirit now locks it, twin set will it free,

As I do pray it, so mote it be.”                                                                                

The Scottish Mage stood at the juncture between the speakeasy tunnel and the sewer tunnel, racking his brain for the right-sequenced three; it had been a long time since he first set the spell and there was the matter of the runes he’d set into the tunnel wall, above the brass plaque, moments before he fled Whisky Nicolaysen’s attempt to murder him.

He hadn’t planned to destroy and flood the speakeasy, its owner and employees, and the many guests that night, but there was always considerable risk to quick magic, even if it came from the gut.

This spell had to come carefully, and from the heart.

Kneeling behind Chuckie and Ducks, his arms wrapped lightly around their shoulders, barely touching, his form in spectral state, the mage leaned in between the two and whispered intently into their ears.

Eloise wrapped her arms around her mother to hold her back, and the two stared as the Twins tilted their heads to catch every word, occasionally nodding understanding to someone they could not perceive.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2022)

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Disappeared 41

Denise over at Six Sentence Stories (#225), has us thinking about “Sin”, in Sixes, so it seemed a good time to visit the main characters of the Disappeared series, as they take a little inventory of themselves: Eloise, Andrew, Bethany, Scottish Mage, Chuckie & Ducks Six Sentence Stories

Eloise: I guess it was wrong, daring my brother, Andrew, to explore the basement of the haunted mansion on the cliffs over the river, with nothing but a failing flashlight and three matches, except that he was going to leave me to go off to college and put me in charge of Chuckie and Ducks (the Monster Twins) full time, since Mom’s totally overwhelmed at her job (she should def quit) and Stepdad’s dumping his two daughters (callous a-hole) in favor of his last-chance girlfriend, who doesn’t like kids; I only succeeded in making the abandonment happen sooner and I’m missing my big brother already.  Continue reading

Disappeared 30

Vintage Unicorn

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Floating topmost in the well of Joseph’s memories was the face – the body – of a woman, with wide green eyes, cleft chin, sleepy smile, deep-mahogany hair that flowed over her naked shoulders, her skin smooth and pale as moonlight on still waters; the mage rocked back in the shock its intensity, as other images followed and flooded him.  Continue reading