The Journey Back


Norwegian Forest Cat

Peter pulled boots over calves lengthened and strengthened by his transition from boy to youth, and seasoned by grief over his sister’s death. Four years ago she’d been found in the depths of the Dark Wood, her cat pressed against her cold belly, hissing at all who approached.

Except him.

His curled-toe boots were light enough to prevent sinking into deep snow, the grain of the reindeer fur designed to prevent slipping backward on hills. Snapping the hood of his anorak over his head, Peter stepped into the gloomy morning.

The cat trotted ahead, back to the Dark Wood.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2018)

Carrot Ranch Prompt (01/18/2018): In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes boots. Whose boots are they, where do they go and what is their significance? Go where the prompt leads.

For those who asked, here’s the Prequel to this Flash: Lilimor and the Fiddler

20 thoughts on “The Journey Back

  1. I liked your flash and I liked it more when put together with the prequel. It’ll be interesting to see where Peter’s (I don’t know why I picture him as a sort of elf?) story goes. I loved the description in the second to last paragraph.

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  3. I’ve had your earlier story on my mind, the contrast of the little girl, strawberries and the Dark Woods. It sets the scene for an epic hero’s journey and I’m looking forward to the cat involved in the brother’s quest.

    Funny, you say this is what your cat looks like in his dreams…I once dreamt my cat was a jaguar, and I swear the cat sent me that dream to say “See me as I am!”

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  5. Moving story. I can see the cat on her frozen belly and it creeps me out. (Beautiful cat by the way if your cat looks like this he’s gorgeous.) I can’t work out however, whether she just died from the cold or whether there was foul play afoot. I’m going for cold and the cat just hopes she’ll be there. The Dark Wood though has sinister connotations and is the brother looking for revenge? “seasoned by grief’ – lovely phrase.

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