Cross-Country is a Girl’s Best Friend


snow-tracksA bowl of nuts dominated the coffee table, a nutcracker standing sentry, ready for service. Three wooden bowls with three types of crackers surround the cheese log, like wise men around The Child.

A stack of small china plates tremble nearby. The radio broadcast croons encouragement that Christmas will be different this year. Bottles rumble in the kitchen, spirits that know better. Outside, the quiet snow piles up.

She sighs, and takes a gander out the window at the family arriving; Fighting already.

Opening one door, she slips out the other. She straps on her skis and glides free.


© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2016)

Two Prompts–

  • Microfiction Madness: Write a 100 word or less story or poem based on the following: A Girl’s Best Friend
  • Carrot Ranch, Dec 8, 2016:  In 99 words (no more, no less), write using the word “gander” as a verb. A gander is a male goose, yet the Old English etymology of the word suggests it was once “gandra” which described a waterbird with a long neck. In 1912, it became the act of taking a long look. What is the long look your story or character is considering?

6 thoughts on “Cross-Country is a Girl’s Best Friend

  1. I liked this image a lot:
    “Three wooden bowls with three types of crackers surround the cheese log, like wise men around The Child.”

    I don’t know if cheese logs and crackers are a Minnesota thing or not but I’ve seen people treat them like they’re something sacred.

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  3. That first paragraph is golden. I love that I can picture a face looking out the window. I can picture every line of it without you writing a word about it. That really is what I love when I read a story. Kicking my own imagination into gear from the get-go. Cheers.



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