Disappeared 23

Six Sentence Stories

With a soft click of metal on metal, he snapped the brass tablet shut, whispering the final words to ensure its tight seal to the wall of the bootlegger’s walkway through the city sewer, for the next hundred years…or so.

“Ingress and egress, shadow between,

Passage do rest on the right sequenced three.

The spirit now locks it, twin set will it free,

As I do pray it, so mote it be.” Continue reading

Well, Why Not? (Part 1)

Damask pattern, black on whiteHow to get from one side of the room to the other without causing too much of a commotion in the main ballroom?

Yes, the Duchess was sure to notice that her twin wards, Tikk and Tokk, hadn’t stayed in their novice’s cells as they’d been directed, instead slipping the pins out of their door hinges and gently laying the wooden doors against the opposite wall without creating too much of a bang, but then, they planned to be long gone before that happened. Continue reading