Stay back, Stay Alive (How cold am I?)


Cold. Literally frozen to the bone. Not that I’m whining. Not that I can do that anymore.


We’d had 24 inches of snow, followed days later by another 8.  The sun had set, and I’d been finishing the last bit of driveway–the part that opens to Old County Highway 87–when the plow came through. The last thing I saw was a partial serial code on the edge of the blade:  293847.

Come spring thaw, my frozen eyeballs will collapse to twin prunes, my blue-white flesh will blossom to green, and drop from my bones.

Stay Back—Not kidding!

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2016)

Prompt:  You are cold. This winter has you colder than ever, surrounded by more snow and/or ice and/or blustery winds than ever before.  In 100 words or fewer, tell me how cold you are.
Use at least one of these terms:  blue / prune / Mike Wildersmith/ whining / 293847

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