Growing Pains

MermaidJanina sat on the stone wall of the spring-fed pool. Behind her, her father’s castle clashed with loud music, shattering glass, and women’s high-pitched giggles. Her fourteenth birthday; she was sick of it all.

Slipping out a door, she’d dashed to the ocean-side pond, losing her shoes and muddying her hem in the marshy grass.

“Boo!” the frog interrupted her thoughts, nodding at the golden ball balanced in her palm. “All that glitters isn’t gold. Choose and transform!”

The ball became translucent; it vibrated, glowing. Popping it in her mouth, she swallowed.

Flipping her new tail, she dove deep.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2020)Colorful frog

Carrot Ranch Prompt (06/18/2020): In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes good vibrations. What is unfolding? Is someone giving off or receiving the feeling? Where is the story situated? Gather some good vibes and go where the prompt leads!

Microfiction Madness: June’s photo prompt(golden mermaid). For an extra challenge use the phrase, “All that glitters isn’t gold”. Stories can be drabbles or longer flash fiction, or you can write poems. Have fun. May’s photo prompt(frog). For an extra challenge use the word, “Boo”. Stories can be drabbles or longer flash fiction, or you can write poems. Have fun!

5 thoughts on “Growing Pains

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  2. Ah, love a good story about a successful frog!
    Did you ever see the cartoon version of The Frog Prince, where the princess turns into a frog first..? Of course being a Disney film it had a happy ending.

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