And Then the Sun Shone

Oak leave


The yard was covered, leaves bright yellow, and wet from last night’s rain. Randall shook his head, tipped his cap to scratch his balding pate, and looked up to the sky. No help there. Rainclouds fisted up again overhead. 

Marla’d promised to bring the grandkids over for his birthday tomorrow, since Sadie had passed. Five years now, and he missed her every day. She would’ve ensured the place was spotless. Dragging the rake to his front porch, he eased into the wooden chair.

He lifted his head as the truck rumbled in.

“We came early to help! Happy birthday!”


© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2019)

From Carrot Ranch Rodeo Event #3:  Three Act Story (sorry my posts have been dwindling–this year’s Rodeo is again, quite challenging!)


6 thoughts on “And Then the Sun Shone

  1. Nothin’ sadder than a lonely blog… Yep our leaves are falling. But our lawn mowers done growed up and moved out so now all the yard chores are ours.

    I hope they make a few good jumping into piles! 😀

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