Not-so Modern Love

Apple with bites out of it“WTF! You cut off your toes to fit into my glass slipper? And YOU cut off your heel! What were you thinking?”

“Cindy!” The two stepsisters looked at each other. “You gotta give up something if you wanna marry a prince!”  

Cindy rolled her eyes, grabbed an apple, and pushed through the kitchen door. “You found my slipper?”

“We’ll see,” Flashing his perfect princely grin, he held out the sparkling shoe.

She took it and slid it on.

“Perfect fit!” he crooned. “Now, I also require a prenuptial lobotomy…”

She crunched into the apple. “You really are a jerk.”

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2018)

Carrot Ranch Rodeo 2018: Category–fractured fairy tales, Prompt–take a traditional story and add a twist, a surprise, or a new point of view while maintaining recognizability. The prompt word is “food”. Why? Because food features in many traditional fairy tales. Entry must be 99 words, no more, no less (not including the title).Carrot Ranch 2018 Fractured Fairy Tales Hon Men

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