Sharing Dream Time

She rolls in flickering blue and white, darts between other bodies, slick and shining, touching but not colliding. Breaching, she leaps into the moon, heavy with promised bounty. She swallows silver light, joyfully sated as it fills her center.

Deep drumbeats increase in speed and volume, drawing near. Writhing and diving, she hides from grey and black shadows that slash and shred. In an eyeblink, Moon’s soft rays hang bloody between wicked spearhead teeth.

She wakes, wiping salt tears from her son’s eyes. Repeated night terrors; she no longer knows if he’s sharing her dream, or she’s sharing his.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2017)

Carrot Ranch Prompt (06/22/2017): In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that involves a dream. This action could have happened while awake, such as daydreaming, or make up a dream when asleep. Go where the prompt leads as it could be a nightmare or just fond memories or ambition.

9 thoughts on “Sharing Dream Time

  1. Hello. I’m new to your blog. I saw your name on “Iowa” site and figured you must be good people. He’s a funny guy. Anyway, wow. Very vivid writing. I’ll check out some more. One of my sons used to have night terrors. Oh my, that was no fun.


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  3. Vivid writing, as always. Well suited to a dream. I get a kick out of the 99 word rule, (no more, no less) …..

    Writer: Out you go.
    100th word: Why me?
    Writer: Why not?
    100th word: Why not THAT? You have too many as it is.
    THAT: Hey, I fit, you don’t.
    Reader: knock it off, you guys, no one is counting anyway. 🙂

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