Disappeared 17

Six Sentence Stories

Meanwhile, back in the underground sewer that flowed beneath the haunted mansion and out to the mighty river, Andrew swore as the blast of hot air knocked him off his feet; he didn’t perceive the single silent word “Stop!” but he did feel a strong, sure force grab him around both biceps and pull him back from sliding off the walkway and into the tumbling water. Continue reading

Disappeared 6

Bunch of carrots

Carrots. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

He hadn’t expected the transformation when he spoke aloud the words etched into the sewer wall. Nor were the words of the reversal spell anywhere near, certainly not in the crumbling mansion that’d been his home for the past decade. Or was it longer? Continue reading

Coming Home Part 2

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Laurel cherished these times of connection with the ancestors, seeing and hearing in ways that she could not with her living family.

And yet, were her living family to follow her through the moisture-slimed tunnels and over the cold sand, down the granite hill that led to the underground pool, their senses would have been too much dulled by the buzzing, blooming confusion of the world above. Even by lantern’s glow and luminous rocks to mark their passage, they would be lost.  Continue reading

Sunday Morning

canoeing girlI lift my paddle for a moment, hearing but not noting the drip of water that slides off its smooth, blond curve. My canoe slices through the morning cool, bisecting and self-healing the waters as I pass. Below the dark water, silent lake grass caresses sand and small, secret pebbles.  Continue reading