Quarter For a Love Song

Vintage tabletop jukebox

Agnes scratched her head with her pencil, slipped it into the bun on the back of her head, and reached in her pocket to count out her tips for the night. “Yes, Arthur, Mickey’s still here, still waiting for Delores.”

“Well it’s late, and we both have to be in extra early tomorrow, prepping for that tourist bus coming through for breakfast,” growled Arthur as he did a final scrub of the kitchen grill.

Mickey held up his empty soda glass and smiling, called out, “Another Pepsi, please, and four quarters for a dollar so I can load up the jukebox for when she comes in?”

“You gotta give him credit for faithfulness,” Agnes smiled as she shuffled over to refill his glass and give him change.

“I give him credit for delusional thinking,” Arthur muttered and added “It’s been twenty-five fuckin’ years since she left him.”


© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2021)

*The challenge? Write a story in 6 sentences, no more & no less, and if you’d like, share your creation or just visit and comment on others’ ideas, with GirlieOnTheEdge, Denise. The prompt is “QUARTER”, and here’s where you join the party: Six Sentence Stories

20 thoughts on “Quarter For a Love Song

  1. I was young when they had Juke Boxes that still took dimes. Now I think you have to put in a dollar for one song. Well unless your at a diner in the Twilight Zone! 😀


  2. your Reply to ceayr expresses my impression of this Six quite well, thank you!

    … serially, it may expose my more charitable streak to say, Agnes is a kind women and Arthur’s a bit of a dick… (to his credit, he muttered)… but what the hell does a person gain by inflicting (or, at minimum, reminding) another person of a painful aspect to their world.

    …all of which is a compliment: Engaging Six!

    Liked by 1 person

    • One might see Arthur as a realist, or a simpathist for a guy who hurts himself in the name of love & devotion. Or, he could be a bit of a dick. Anywise, watching all that for 25 years?!
      Glad this 6 evoked, as it entertained!



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