A Light Breath on the Embers

Meaghan drew deep on her cigarette, pinching its stub between thumb and forefinger. She could pull a Houdini and just disappear, but in this case, with this guy, she knew he deserved better.

She told herself it was the smoke making her eyes water and her heart pound. Dropping the butt on the sidewalk, she ground it under her boot heel.

She heard the slap of his tennis shoes before he wheeled around the corner. His cornflower blue eyes were the only bright thing on this cold-ass morning.

He looked at her like she was magic, like she’d never break his heart.

Sighing, she decided to stay.


© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2017)

Carrot Ranch Rodeo Prompt#6_Bucking Bull Go Round (10/31/2017): Write a Flash Fiction in 107 words, in eight sentences (no more, no less) that involves facing a challenge or fear. Fiction only, and you must use the words for the bulls’s name that will be drawn for you on 10/28/17). Bull’s name is Houdini Magic.

(Selected as Honorable Mention for this event of the Rodeo)

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