The Littlest Christmas Goat Trilogy

1. A Christmas Surprise

“Mom! I can’t find him anywhere!” Janie stumped down the attic stairs, empty-handed.

“That’s ok, I got us something new.”

“Elf on a Shelf is a Christmas tradition!”

“We have to change with the times. It’s been a rough couple of years.” Mom pulled the new tradition out of its paper bag. “Isn’t he cute?”

Janie looked doubtfully at the curving horns, tiny fangs and sharp cloven hooves. She read the tag. “He sees you when you’re sleeping.

“Go hide him, Janie!” her Mom tossed the tiny goat her way.

“Ouch!”  Something sliced Janie’s hand.

The goat’s eyes glittered.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2020)

2. A Giant’s Loneliness, Solved

Hugo’s guest was due to arrive any time now. He gave the stewpot a stir. The cranberries and Heffinger Dark Ale were cooling in the waterfall. Food and company were just what he needed to brighten this dark Christmas.

In the hollow below, the villagers hunkered down, fighting bad dreams.

The campfire blazed as Hugo tossed on another tree trunk. When flames shrunk to sparks, he was there, on the other side of the flames.

“Come sit, Friend!” Hugo called happily. “Have some Heffinger ale?”

“Yes, and stew, please!” Krampus settled by the fire. “It’s been a busy year.”    

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2020)

3. Holiday Potluck

“Trip-trap, who’s that tapping across my bridge?”

“Just me, Torsten. Let me by.”

“What’d you bring me, Halloween Goat?”

“Salt Pretzels, Butterbeer,

All the things that you hold dear.”


“Trippety-tap, tappety-trip, who’s that tapping across my bridge?”

“Thanksgiving Goat, in my sparkly tap shoes.”

“What’d you bring me?”

‘Pumpkin Pie, Whipping Cream,

All your favorites, as you’d dream.”

“Cool! When’s the littlest coming?”


“Clickety-clack, Clackety-click, whozat rolling over my crick?”

“Peewee, the Christmas Goat.”

“‘Bout time!”

“I’ve brought us all dinner: potatoes and meat.

My cart is full-loaded, now help with this treat!”

And to all? A Good Night!

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2020)

Carrot Ranch Prompt (12/02/2021): In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes the littlest Christmas goat. Who does the goat belong to? What is happening? Go where the prompt leads!

10 thoughts on “The Littlest Christmas Goat Trilogy

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    • 😂😂I wanted three approaches to the same prompt. And Hugo? Just in case people didn’t see the all the light just behind his little bit of darkness…😉



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