Playing Leapfrog

swamp“So, you think if I hop there, launch to the next one over, and make that final leap, it’ll take me across the water, fast enough and close enough to be safe?”

“No, first you launch from here to there, do a quick hop to that other one, and run to the end of that pad for your final leap that gets you to the other side — guaranteed — without waking up Al!”

“You’re sure about this?”

“That’s the theory,” the second one responded with a wide-mouthed smile.

Crickets sawed their legs in the heavy, humid afternoon sun as the first frog looked over the proposed pathway, past the hungry, dozing alligator, who lifted one heavy lid halfway.

First frog gave number two the side eye, sat back on his haunches, and countered, “Then you go first, since you’re so sure.”

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2021)

The challenge? Write a story in 6 sentences, no more & no less, and if you’d like, share your creation or just visit and comment on others’ ideas, with GirlieOnTheEdge, Denise. The prompt is “THEORY”, and here’s where you join the party: Six Sentence Stories

Rules of the hop:

Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.

Use the current week’s prompt word.

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21 thoughts on “Playing Leapfrog

  1. lol
    nicely turned Six
    (I read for pleasure and for tips and technique, trying to figure out ‘how they did that’ is very much a part of what I get out of this bloghop)
    Re-reading now, as your characters kept our attention so well, the surprise ending was a surprise.

    Liked by 1 person


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