On the Other Hand…

Steaming coffee mugNitia drew the back of her hand across her damp forehead and rested her palm on the front of her hip as she surveyed the basement playroom.

When she’d agreed to the social-bubble daycare with the Lundestadts, she’d not been aware they had more than one set of twins, nor had she been aware of the three elementary-aged cousins that were living with them for the school year.

She and Rob just had the one, Andrea, who was four and quiet and shy and, unlike the Lundestandt brood, always preferred order and neatness.

Nitia was sure she’d asked about number of kids and ages, but the three cousins had appeared — almost magically — during the third week, like tiny little terrorists, like a hurricane of howling hippos, but mostly, like a rolling rabble of rowdy, roughhousing, runny-nosed rodeo clowns.

It was late afternoon, and all the children – including her Andrea – lay scattered and snoring on the basement floor, amongst all the Legos, stuffed animals, Froot loops, and drained juice boxes.

She smiled wearily and crept quietly up the stairs to find a cup of tea and a biscuit; at least Andrea wasn’t lonely these days.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2021)

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21 thoughts on “On the Other Hand…

  1. “… rolling rabble of rowdy, roughhousing, runny-nosed rodeo clowns.”

    As I’m coming to appreciate about writing in general, effective alliteration is way more difficult than it looks. The matching letters is a keystroke away, generating an internal rhythm, all the while, enhancing the narrative… that is where talent shows.
    Nicely done, yo

    Liked by 1 person


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