Picture of Shari Lewis' Lambchop puppet, sitting on a picnic table and smiling.

Credits to Shari Lewis and Lambchop

“I swear, if you sing that one more time, I’ll push you out the hatch myself.”

“Aw lighten up, Schmitty,” Dirk laughed at his co-pilot. “I just can’t wait to get home!”

“You and me both,” the co-pilot muttered.

They swept low over the canyon, lining up for their annual supply drop to the Earth outpost. Next stop: Moon Base Nine, Home Sweet Home.

“This is the song that doesn’t end

Yes, it goes on and on my friend…”

“That’s it, Dirk. Here’s your parachute…”

“Too late!”  He dropped the payload and flew up and away from Copper Country.


Carrot Ranch Prompt (01/04/2018): In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about Copper Country. It can be any place, fictional, historical, or on another planet. Go where the copper leads.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2018)

13 thoughts on “Earworm

  1. I liked the dialogue between Schmitty and Dirk and I thought Schmitty’s, “Too late” brought both of the characters, and the story, to life. And you’ll be happy to know that I’ll now be humming, “This is the song that never ends…” probably until Monday evening sometime.

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  3. I always wonder when I read of Earth as an outpost how long before that becomes realitiy. You made it very real though – I have had friends who play the same song over and over and I would gladly of disposed of them. Your character is just lucky he made the drop quickly. Good story.

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