Sticks and Stones

Two boys huddled on the battlement wall, wind-blown and on fire with An Idea.

pony-2Between them the small catapult waited, fragrant with fresh-tanned leather straps. A pile of stones glittered, rubbed free of ocean, with chapped hands and tunics needing a wash.

No girls around to interrupt their weapons test. Ponies wandered the path to the sun-bright meadow.

Thor loaded the bucket, and with a nod, Peter released the catapult’s arm. The small stone flew and smacked a pony’s flank. It whinnied and shied.

“This time? Bigger rock!”

They didn’t notice the girls step out on the path below.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2017)
Carrot Ranch Prompt (02/02/2017):  In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a rock in the road. It can be physical, adding a plot twist, or it can be a metaphor for a barrier or hardship. Go where you find the rock.

6 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones

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  2. Such sharp writing that I felt transported to witness the scene. How tempting a new catapult would be, left unattended. Beyond cringing for what hits whom next, I also wonder — why the new weapon?



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