Winds of Change

Glacier 2015It arrived by nighthawk, the final ingredient to heal or conceal the corruption that blasted Middle Earth.

“If believing makes it so, we have double-hope. We shall see, anon.” She gripped the blue button, and shuffled up the hill.

“First drop of rain, seed in the shell,
Night incantations will do us quite well.
Magical potion, dream-seeming mad,
I swear by this full moon, we shall be made glad.

“Drop the blue button, in Cauldron’s bright spell,
Blood of the Medici, Machiavellian tell.
Goddess Compassion, hear this woman’s plea,
As we do pray it, so mote it be.”

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2014)


Anita Stewart’s Prompt:
Write a 100 word or less story about the following: Something blue has been delivered to your home. It is the last piece to complete your new invention. Describe the item and the invention. Use the words Machiavellian and anon in your story.

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