Disappeared 49

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This was a complete surprise! I thought there was no way this week’s prompt from Charli Mills, at Carrot Ranch, would work in my on-going serial, at this dire point in the story. But I was wrong! Please see below, and if you want more context, click to earlier installments of the story, or enter “Disappeared” in the Search box, located on the site’s margins.   But for now, read on… Continue reading

Disappeared 48

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All were in their necessary places: Eloise and Bethany watched from behind the tunnel gate leading to the stairs that would bring them all up to the mansion’s basement level; Andrew knelt on the muddy path, holding the brass plaque gingerly from underneath, one hand burnt from his earlier partial read of the engraved message that had gotten him there in the first place; spectral Joseph, his eyes intent on the soft, young faces of Chucky and Ducks, laid his long fingers and palms along two contiguous edges, fully aware of his role in the current situation. Continue reading

Disappeared 47

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“Okay then, Shadowman says we have to band together, that we each have to play our parts, right place, right order, or we’re screwed,” said Ducks, straightening up as the Scottish Mage, in the Shadow World, finished his instructions to The Twins. Continue reading

Disappeared 46

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“Ingress and egress, shadow between,                                                                   

Passage do rest on the right sequenced three.

The spirit now locks it, twin set will it free,

As I do pray it, so mote it be.”                                                                                

The Scottish Mage stood at the juncture between the speakeasy tunnel and the sewer tunnel, racking his brain for the right-sequenced three; it had been a long time since he first set the spell and there was the matter of the runes he’d set into the tunnel wall, above the brass plaque, moments before he fled Whisky Nicolaysen’s attempt to murder him.

He hadn’t planned to destroy and flood the speakeasy, its owner and employees, and the many guests that night, but there was always considerable risk to quick magic, even if it came from the gut.

This spell had to come carefully, and from the heart.

Kneeling behind Chuckie and Ducks, his arms wrapped lightly around their shoulders, barely touching, his form in spectral state, the mage leaned in between the two and whispered intently into their ears.

Eloise wrapped her arms around her mother to hold her back, and the two stared as the Twins tilted their heads to catch every word, occasionally nodding understanding to someone they could not perceive.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2022)

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Disappeared 29

Vintage Unicorn

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Catching another’s memories was never easy for the Scottish Mage, infused as they were with the sender’s regrets, losses, small joys, and resentments both petty and deeply-held; he didn’t like to get too involved in the spiritual, not-to-mention mundane human world. Continue reading