January 23-25: Unbelievable, Journal

Just Jot It January

January 25: Journal


J-ust flipping through the journal stacks

O-prah, Ladies’ Home, and Country Shacks

U-p and comers follow their lead

R-ead with interest to determine their need

N-ow I, unfunded, can afford to say “no”

A-nd walk away from the circus show

L-imited funds have their happy use

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2022)

January 24: Unbelievable

What’s in a Name?

“But I swear to you, it’s all true!”

“Yeah, I think you spend too much time on your own, Megan,” Flora laughed. She frowned at Megan, at the hair that hadn’t seen a stylist for an entire summer, the crow’s feet limned in white from squinting into the sun, and the strong, tanned legs with skin just a bit too dry. At least she was still shaving her legs, but the cuts-offs were torn and baggy, and there was a stain on the oversized t-shirt.

Flora continued, “So where is this little forest man you’ve been telling me about?” 

“He’s around here, but he’s shy,” whispered Megan. “And your skepticism isn’t exactly inviting. He usually visits at sunrise, and we share coffee and an orange. Except he doesn’t much care for coffee, unless I load it up with cream.”

Flora buried her hands deeper into the front pocket of the oversized borrowed sweatshirt. Megan had dragged it, along with the creaky wooden Adirondack, from the sturdy shed behind the cabin, and placed it beside her own, so that they could watch the sun set over the channel. Flora chose her next words carefully; Megan had always had a wonderful imagination, and the paintings she’d been creating since she quit her job as a government wonk were good, but almost too unworldly in their images and color. As a result, she’d decided to take a few days off from her job as CFO for a large not-for profit, and visit her friend.

“So, can I expect to meet him tomorrow?”

“It depends on the weather.” Megan gestured to the sailboats returning from the nearby islands. “See those boats? Normally, they’d be anchored up and sheltering in one of the island harbors. Coals would be firing up in the portable grills, and cocktails would be started. Their captain and crew would be spending the evening sitting around in the cockpit to watch the sun set, boat cushions and wool jackets for everyone, especially with these temps cool enough to keep the bugs away. There’s a full moon tonight, so they’d stay up for that, as well.”

“It sounds like heaven.”

“It is. Nights up here are unbelievably beautiful, even with Autumn nipping in.” Megan zipped up her light jacket. “But the sailboats are returning to harbor, some coming by motor. Fast. That means a big storm is blowing in and it’s not safe to be out there.”

“O-kay…but can I expect to meet your little forest man tomorrow?” Flora’s patience was turning to irritation. Or maybe it was alarm; Megan seemed to have “gone native,” as they say.

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you, Flora,” Megan huffed, and sighed. “He won’t be able to come and we won’t want to be sitting outside, if the storm hasn’t blown through.”


“Meaning we have to wait and see.”


He crouched in the shrubs, his eyes gleaming as he listened to the two women. He shook his head and tugged his beard, wrapping his woven cloak of summer grass and wildflowers more tightly around his bony shoulders. Soon he’d have to switch up to his warmer cloak, made from the single rabbit skin. He marveled, “So her name is Megan? Fancy spending an entire summer having sunrise breakfasts with someone and not knowing that. Unbelievable! But then, did she know his name?” He leaned back against the pine and considered whether he wanted to tell her. Winter was coming. 

(For another’s point of view in this story, please click to my earlier post: Who’s Being Tamed? )

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2022)

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