Disappeared 30

Vintage Unicorn

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Floating topmost in the well of Joseph’s memories was the face – the body – of a woman, with wide green eyes, cleft chin, sleepy smile, deep-mahogany hair that flowed over her naked shoulders, her skin smooth and pale as moonlight on still waters; the mage rocked back in the shock its intensity, as other images followed and flooded him.  Continue reading

Disappeared 29

Vintage Unicorn

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Catching another’s memories was never easy for the Scottish Mage, infused as they were with the sender’s regrets, losses, small joys, and resentments both petty and deeply-held; he didn’t like to get too involved in the spiritual, not-to-mention mundane human world. Continue reading

Disappeared 13

Six Sentence Stories

Bethany gazed at the picture of her four children that sat on the edge of her soon-to-be vacated desk, smiling in relief; she hadn’t been able to give them the time and attention they needed, and had been leaning too much on Eloise and Andrew to wrangle the twins, Chuckie and Ducks. Continue reading

January 30: Prepare

Just Jot It January

(To access the beginning of this 6-part series, please visit here: Solitude’s End)

Time Will Tell

Flora never met the little forest man in person, after all, although the storm had passed through over night, and the day that followed was sunny and unusually warm for the time of year. But she had seen his tiny footprints in the morning dew on the cement slab of the sheltered porch.  Continue reading

Mother Loaf

Danger traffic sign

Well, at least he’s happy.

I wasn’t expecting a visit from my teenaged, road-working son, but here he is, leaning into a half-eaten, torn-into loaf of walnut-wheat bread, butter disappearing quickly. His bent arms are long enough to eclipse the entire side of my kitchen table, effectively blocking me out. Yes, of course I fed my kid. You always feed your kid. They never completely grow up, not in your eyes.  Continue reading