Coming Home Part 2

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Laurel cherished these times of connection with the ancestors, seeing and hearing in ways that she could not with her living family.

And yet, were her living family to follow her through the moisture-slimed tunnels and over the cold sand, down the granite hill that led to the underground pool, their senses would have been too much dulled by the buzzing, blooming confusion of the world above. Even by lantern’s glow and luminous rocks to mark their passage, they would be lost. 

That was what the ancestors answered each time she queried, and it made her feel safe and especially loved; she was the only one.

Yet this time, as she plunged her hands into the cool bowl of the pool and raised her arms to let the water run down their length and soak her tunic, she felt the chill of withdrawal, and all of her senses dimmed.

The ancestors had never before denied her immediate reassurance, and her heart pounded as she sat back on her heels in rare panic.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2021)

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