Rodeo Event #1: Why I Had to Cancel Our Date

Red rotary phone, ringing hard

Image from Roberts Food Service UK

Countdown from the Carrot Ranch Contest: Modern Tall Tale in 99 words (for more detail, see the link below).

Yes, I’d promised to be there by 7:00, but my shower took longer than anticipated because the hot water heater was on the blink and I had to crawl underneath to light the pilot and then dropped the one match I’d brought and the explosion knocked me clear into the neighbor’s kitchen and I couldn’t just ignore her offer of cocktails and she’s divorcing her third husband if she can raise the cash and I knew exactly where this was going so I excused myself to quickly shower but the dog had eaten the soap.

I should’ve called.


© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2019) (submitted 10/06/19) Made Top Ten! Yay me.


Rodeo #1: Modern Tall Tale: In 99 words (no more, no less)Write a tall tale about something that happened to someone, somewhere. It can be fiction or a fictionalized BOT, but exaggerate to the point that it couldn’t possibly be true. It’s okay–tell a whopper of a lie of a story. 

12 thoughts on “Rodeo Event #1: Why I Had to Cancel Our Date

  1. Who doesn’t love a good run-on sentence especially when it’s a really long one and what better place to find one than a place called the Valley of the Trolls wherever the hell that is but my tea is done steeping now so I’ve got to run.

    Good one.

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