Rodeo Event #2: Who Will Walk the Plank?

Ray Walston my favorite martian

Apologies to Ray Walston!

Countdown from the Carrot Ranch Contest: Pro Bull Mashup in 99 words (for more detail, see the link below).

Captain Hand sneered, boot heels pounding across the bridge of Starship Ridgemont. “You abandoned your post, Ensign Spicoli. My orders will be followed without question!” 

Spicoli blinked.

“The refugees from planet Nose Bender had the munchies,” Spicoli nodded toward an empty pizza box. “It was the righteous thing…Sir.”

“By plundering 54 boxes of Bodacious Brothers pizza from the officer’s mess?” Hand’s antennae twitched with rage. “Recite penal code 289753-c…or walk the plank!”

“I’m calling in my Lifeline.”

“Fine,” snapped Hand, “Heartbreak Kid…”

“The code’s irrelevant, Captain,” Admiral Hamilton’s sweet contralto drawled from the Comscreen. “Kindness is the eternal law.”


© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2019)(submitted 10/12/19)

Hey, got in the top ten!

Carrot Ranch Prompt:  Rodeo #2: Pro-Bull Mashup. Write a story using all three bull names as names, places, or things: Bodacious, Nose Bender, and Heartbreak Kid. Combine Game Show and Pirate to plot your story in 99 words (no more, no less). Surprise your reader; make it memorable!

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