Before The Gold Rush

Woman's eyes: one blue, one green

We’d started loading at the dawning of the third moon. Triage overflowed after the fifth wave from the Kipstanian Crisis. We tried to get the word out to all survivors; transport off our doomed planet ended today.

There would be no more planet to doom.

Flashing a light in the evacuees’ eyes, I direct them to the three loading tents. Green equals “Go”, red “Stop”, and yellow “Caution.” The Kipstanian crisis made id-ing dangerous types easy. Red eyes never made it off the planet. Blue, Brown? Approved.

Then SHE came, one eye blue, one green.

I point. “Yellow tent.”


© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2018)

Carrot Ranch Prompt (08/22/2018): In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a yellow tent. Where is it and who does it belong to? Think of how the color adds to the story. Go where the prompt leads.

Microfiction Madness: (Based on the picture shown up top) Write a 100 word or less story based on the following photo and scenario. A stranger is staring at you. Why?

17 thoughts on “Before The Gold Rush

  1. Wow, there is so much here, Liz! A planet in crisis, threats from a crisis, a third moon dawning. You make it all clear in so few words. Not sure if I sense hope from her, but something heroic is about to unfold.

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