Missing Winter

Outside my window is a dour study in black and gray and soggy white. No wind, no blue sky, even the evergreens are evergray. Twenty degrees below what we’re supposed to have in April, looking at another tiresome visit from the Abominable Snowman next weekend. So many reasons to whinge.

Yet months ago…

Deep snow, lovingly scratching the long bellies of my skis.

Thighs burning from herring-bone stomps uphill.

Butt-ache from sitzmarks and sliding sideways.

Boots clomping down grocery aisles, grabbing salad and oranges,

Feeling strong as Skadi.

Driving with windows wide open.

Mouth howling wide, joyful Classic Rock.



© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2018)

Carrot Ranch Prompt (04/05/2018): In 99 words (no more, no less) write a silly sun story. Up north, “sun silly” is the energetic and playful response to returning sunlight. Go where the prompt leads.

23 thoughts on “Missing Winter

  1. Such a wonderful and powerful embrace of winter and skiing. That’s something I appreciate about those who live in the north and enjoy their outside activities (I sit at the window and cheer to you with a mug of tea). Next year, I’m thinking snowshoes.

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  2. We are so lucky that today is finally warm and sunny where I live! The cold and rain are supposed to return this weekend, but meanwhile, I’m enjoying! Hope you get the warmth and light soon too.

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  3. I’m not sure that I’ve ever missed winter or that I’ll ever miss winter. A long time ago I spent a year living in south Florida and I did miss the change of seasons but I didn’t miss winter.

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    • Missing those days of fine snow and brilliant sunshine for skiing. And clomping around in public in x-country ski boots, plus driving with windows wide open is whipped cream and cherry on the top.
      The passive-aggressive sludge we had when I wrote this, and what we get next weekend—not really winter, for me! 😉

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