For the Public Good

broken-heartHer 1997 Honda rocked and groaned through the narrow city streets.

She knew the moment her car crossed from affluent to impoverished neighborhood.  City snowplows hadn’t served this area after the last spring blizzard, hoping a quick melt would ease the budget. Instead, a subsequent freeze had turned the roadway into a bobsled run. The same reasoning prioritized pothole repair.

She was an underpaid public health nurse, serving at-risk new mothers. The science behind the Home-Visiting program: solid. The actual barriers: downplayed.

She wanted to believe anyway.

The car bounced, scraped, and stalled.

Her hopes died with a rattle.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2017)

Carrot Ranch Prompt (01/05/2017): In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a rattling sound. It can be an intimidating sound of protest, a disorienting loud sound, a musical expression or a gentle baby’s toy. Go where the prompt leads you.

6 thoughts on “For the Public Good

  1. There is a saying that goes along with this piece that my husband often recites after attempting to do good …”No good deed goes unpunished”.

    It would be so nice if the city could get It’s act together on implementation of programs that are supposed to help. A most excellent use of the prompt.

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