Doing Donuts

The prompts suggested by fellow bloggers and writers for Linda Hill’s Just-Jot-It January 2023 have been great sources of inspiration for revising my novel. We’re only half way through the month, but if you want to play (read others’ posts and/or write your own), here is where you go to join in the fun! 

Today, I offer up my response to the prompt “DONUT,” which has nothing to do with my novel, but everything to do with beating the doldrums and trying new things. Hope you enjoy, and try something new today!


Doing Donuts

“And after that, you told Kevin it was the last time?” Aribeth raised an eyebrow, quizzical, if not skeptical.

“I did, and I really meant it at the time,” Claudia gazed into her cup, swishing the tea leaves in search of possible patterns or prophetic truths. “But now, I’m not so sure.”

Their wooden chairs creaked in sympathy with their discomfort at revisiting the topic once again. Same local coffee & tea shop “Bean Me Up, Scottie”, quickly emptying of the morning rush, same low murmur of the regulars and staff. Claudia had her usual blueberry scone and English Breakfast tea, and Aribeth sat with a cooling Americano in a tall mug, no cream, no sugar. A gust of wind smacked against the picture window, and both jumped at the rattle of rain and sleet. They laughed; the icy rain apparently wanted to be part of their weekly ritual, too.

“So, what’s holding you back?” Aribeth tipped the remains of her coffee onto her tongue, wincing at the cold bitterness. “You’re obviously not happy with the status quo, so why not just pick up and change your life. And then stick with that awhile, and see where it leaves you.”

“Kevin says it scares him. That I’m a crazy driver,” explained Claudia. “And maybe I am. But when I see an empty parking lot…I don’t know…something just tells me to hit the gas, and then the brakes, and wrestle the wheel when the car starts to spin. Rainy days like today are perfect for practicing doing donuts.”

“But last time, the car skidded, jumped a curb, and you hit and knocked over a light post. That’s what you told me.”

“I did.” Claudia grinned guiltily. “But I didn’t get hurt, and my car’s kind of a beater anyway.”

“So maybe you don’t do that when Kevin’s in the car?”

“Maybe not.” Claudia tipped her head to one side. “But Kevin’s always in the car. And now he’s insisting that I shouldn’t drive. Ever.” She shrugged and shook her head.

“Maybe you don’t need a Kevin in your life.” Aribeth stood quickly, the scrape of the chair voicing her annoyance. She snatched up her empty cup. “Think about that while I get a warmer. How’s your tea?”

“I’m good.” Claudia refilled her cup from the metal teapot that stood by her ornate china teacup. She tapped a wet finger on the crumbs of her scone, and brought them to her mouth. Waste not, want not.

Kevin was a bit of a prat, she decided, but she did like having male company for certain activities. Perhaps the thing to do was ease off on the relationship a bit, until she found someone a bit more adventurous. And then break up with him. Gazing out the window, she imagined how slick that empty lot at the local high school would be right now, especially since the sleet was getting heavier. She smiled

She heard Aribeth’s unmistakable firm, fast boot heels cross the wooden floor to their table, and the bright slide of a glass plate across their table top.

“Whatever you decide is fine by me, but maybe we can start with small changes.” Aribeth’s chair creaked and groaned as she sat. “So here’s a Bacon Chocolate Long John with Boston Cream filling.” She slid the donut across the table and pulled out a knife to cut it in half. “And look, I’ve got cream in my coffee, as well. I never do that.” She blew into her mug, took a sip, and set it down with a bang. “Should’ve added some sugar, I guess.”

“That’s a change for you. And a fat, sugary snack with your caffeine, too?” Claudia nodded as Aribeth raised the butter knife questioningly, and carefully cut the Long John in two, with minimal spillage of its creamy contents.

“Here’s to making small and not so necessary changes, and doing donuts…and other things that might make us happier.”

They raised their halves and neatly tapped them together.


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