Just-Jot-It-January (Jan 13-14)

Just Jot It JanuarySo, this month I’m doing a challenge to write a micro a day, for Just-Jot-It-January. Thanks to Linda G. Hill, bloggers in the “Play Group” have proposed a one-word prompt for each day. We share our responses back to Linda’s page, and are able to read what others come up with. I’ll post my responses every few days in bundles, to respect your in-boxes. But if a prompt tickles your imagination, please click its connecting link to read more!

Jan 14:  Freckled

Maybe Later

Snowfall, dense and quick

Buries itself in the thick, pale epidermis covering lawn,

Mounding ‘round walkways from yester-days’ storms.

Penetrating to dermis, yet temps too cold for subcutaneous damage.

In time a crust, an invisible scab

Will form as temps drop further still.

Creating crisp haven for light winter birds,

A rabbit run that leaves no tracks.

For now, a perhaps petulant wind gusts, spitting sleet sideways,

Smacks the warmth of my picture window.

It leaves a Morse Code in exploded white freckles.

Come outside and play!

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2022)

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