A Fool and His Koi are Soon Parted

pexels-photo-213399.jpeg“Psst!” A slender hand with petal pink nails beckoned from behind the Waterford crystal waterfall.

Not my usual stomping grounds, this high-end what-not-ery store had me intimidated…and challenged. This illusion had to be so good, it was real. I skittered behind the waterfall.

“You have to help me,” small man, small feet, tiny black tux, sweat dampened the comb-over stretching from one pointy ear to the other. Puce-green goldfish floated belly-up in the waterfall’s pool.

“This is gonna cost you, Horace,” I raised a finger, pointed, and a stream of light sparked, changed puce to orange.

“Feed the Koi, fool!”

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2014)


Anita Stewart’s Prompt:  Write a 100 word or less story about the following: Your main character is a sales person in a high end department store. What he/she is selling is highly unusual and strange, and alive.  Use the words puce and petal in your story.

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