Disappeared 44

Six Sentence Stories

A sudden wind blew the mud from Andrew’s eyes and he could’ve sworn that he’d felt something curl protectively around his middle, and jerk his arm forward and down to catch the brass plaque, its runes flashing bright in the otherwise dimly lit tunnel, before it slid into the rapidly tumbling water. Continue reading

Disappeared 33

Vintage Unicorn

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The Scottish mage couldn’t bear to tell Joseph that his wife, Bethany, had moved on and married a fast-talking, Grecian Hair Formula-loving, admittedly good looking and virile older man; the younger man was in enough pain as it was.

The mage chuckled grimly as he mentally probed down into the older man’s cellular level and noted the creeping neurotoxins that would soon spread to his internal organs: Such was the price of vanity! Continue reading

Prayer For a New Year

Red sunrise over ocean horizon

Source: Matt Fraser

I meant well, sending her off on an impossible quest for the Silverword Cascade, hoping she’d find distraction and joy during the painful waiting time until her childhood friends return to her; No Baba Yaga am I — my magic is limited to perception only of magic’s heady limerance, and I hadn’t felt her subtle glow. Continue reading

A Warning and a Plea

Lucy’s footsteps echoed pale blue, up and over the far reaches of Karlssen’s Glacier.

She took her time, minding her breath; these tower steps had been built by others taller than her six foot frame. Per her nature, she’d planned for extra effort to reach the peak. Continue reading