Disappeared 33

Vintage Unicorn

Source: Rawpixel LTD/Flickr

The Scottish mage couldn’t bear to tell Joseph that his wife, Bethany, had moved on and married a fast-talking, Grecian Hair Formula-loving, admittedly good looking and virile older man; the younger man was in enough pain as it was.

The mage chuckled grimly as he mentally probed down into the older man’s cellular level and noted the creeping neurotoxins that would soon spread to his internal organs: Such was the price of vanity! Continue reading

The Mother’s Touch: Hjordis

CircletShe stared through the not-quite-ice wall, relieved for the moment from the legions of strangely sexless men and women that had pestered her since she was summoned from deep sleep. Most were draped in what she assumed were the ceremonial robes and masks of their tribe, a stiff fabric of white and green, their eyes hidden behind smaller planes of not-quite-ice. Continue reading