Disappeared 43

Vintage Unicorn

Source: Rawpixel LTD/Flickr

If a heart could beat in the Shadowland, there would have been two rattling like a pair of snare drums: one with the boy, Andrew, at the edge of the sewer mudslide, wild, dark hair and lanky long limbs groping in panic to stop the brass plaque’s slide into the tumbling sewer water; the other frozen in time, green eyes wide in panic, mouth closed in a tight “o” over his dimpled chin, as if he could stop the crumbling limestone walls from fully collapsing and crushing the four young women of whom he’d grown quite fond.  Continue reading

Well, Why Not? (Part 4)

Sister Indelicata left the cacophony of squeals and laughter behind her; the tall, hardwood door sneezed delicately shut, blessing the happy, healed family. Indelicata’s bare feet whispered swift and sure, softer than the guttering of the beeswax candles that provided more scent than light. Continue reading


featherAlana shifted, quick step and stomp, nearly stumbling. A drop of sweat ran down the powerful slope of her nose, around the edge of her nostril, and dangled, tickling and stinging. She blew once, twice, and the drop sailed into endless blue skies, evaporating in the shearing heat. Continue reading