Disappeared 41

Denise over at Six Sentence Stories (#225), has us thinking about “Sin”, in Sixes, so it seemed a good time to visit the main characters of the Disappeared series, as they take a little inventory of themselves: Eloise, Andrew, Bethany, Scottish Mage, Chuckie & Ducks Six Sentence Stories

Eloise: I guess it was wrong, daring my brother, Andrew, to explore the basement of the haunted mansion on the cliffs over the river, with nothing but a failing flashlight and three matches, except that he was going to leave me to go off to college and put me in charge of Chuckie and Ducks (the Monster Twins) full time, since Mom’s totally overwhelmed at her job (she should def quit) and Stepdad’s dumping his two daughters (callous a-hole) in favor of his last-chance girlfriend, who doesn’t like kids; I only succeeded in making the abandonment happen sooner and I’m missing my big brother already.  Continue reading