What Didn’t Kill You

Kittelson mountain and sea

Source: T. Kittelson Fra_Lofoten

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After all the stories about Honor Rollins – her casual cruelty was legend – they were surprised by the diminished figure that sat, prim as a spider, in the stern of the dinghy, knees squeezed tightly together under a heavy dark skirt and heavy gray wool cape; she’d been an almost-beauty when they’d passed through Capitol City, but after a decade of the Republic Purge, her lips were dry and pinched, the eyes squinting against the harsh sunlight, and her color was just plain bad. Continue reading

Winter Retreat

Fox Hunt by Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer 1893

The falling snow piled around his hut, the shelter he’d built at the edge of the woods, from stone and fallen trees, meadow grass and mud, the retreat that was far enough away from the Hold that he rarely got visitors, but near enough that he could watch the lights wink out in the north tower when the weather was clear. Continue reading

Long Boards Too Short

GlacierLong version:

“We’ve got to have an old pair of your mother’s long boards…er…skis, somewhere here,” Magnhildr crouched and twisted as she snaked her arm through the stacks of children’s skis. “She was full grown when she came to foster with us, so they should work for you, as well.”

Hjordis stepped anxiously from one foot to the other, her troll’s tail twitching, as she peered past the snow giant’s thigh Continue reading

A Warning and a Plea

Lucy’s footsteps echoed pale blue, up and over the far reaches of Karlssen’s Glacier.

She took her time, minding her breath; these tower steps had been built by others taller than her six foot frame. Per her nature, she’d planned for extra effort to reach the peak. Continue reading