Disappeared 47

Vintage Unicorn

Source: Rawpixel LTD/Flickr

“Okay then, Shadowman says we have to band together, that we each have to play our parts, right place, right order, or we’re screwed,” said Ducks, straightening up as the Scottish Mage, in the Shadow World, finished his instructions to The Twins. Continue reading

Disappeared 44

Six Sentence Stories

A sudden wind blew the mud from Andrew’s eyes and he could’ve sworn that he’d felt something curl protectively around his middle, and jerk his arm forward and down to catch the brass plaque, its runes flashing bright in the otherwise dimly lit tunnel, before it slid into the rapidly tumbling water. Continue reading

Disappeared 43

Vintage Unicorn

Source: Rawpixel LTD/Flickr

If a heart could beat in the Shadowland, there would have been two rattling like a pair of snare drums: one with the boy, Andrew, at the edge of the sewer mudslide, wild, dark hair and lanky long limbs groping in panic to stop the brass plaque’s slide into the tumbling sewer water; the other frozen in time, green eyes wide in panic, mouth closed in a tight “o” over his dimpled chin, as if he could stop the crumbling limestone walls from fully collapsing and crushing the four young women of whom he’d grown quite fond.  Continue reading

Disappeared 42

Bunch of carrots

Carrots. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Bethany and her three daughters stumble through the limestone tunnel, Twins leading. The Twins shrieked as one, as if they’d seen a ghost. Which they had; the Speakeasy, though decimated, still gathers in death the same people it had in life.  Continue reading