Disappeared 1

Six Sentence Stories

“Shit,” mumbled Andrew as his flashlight beam grew smaller and paler and finally winked out.

He’d gone too far down into the haunted mansion, alone and on a dare from his sister Eloise, and wasn’t sure which direction he was facing in the windowless basement, and strange drafts moaned from every direction. Continue reading

Mag? Yeah, No

Bunch of carrots

Carrots. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

(The prompt was “robotic writer,” the experience all-too-familiar as we send out our work to editors and publishers. Read on…)

Dear [editor],

Please consider my work, [insert story title], for publication in your esteemed [media type], [publication name]. At [number] words, this [genre] story about [catchy character name], a [adjective][character trope], is an excellent fit for your upcoming [special focus] issue. I am an avid reader of [publication name]!  Continue reading