Disappeared 44

Six Sentence Stories

A sudden wind blew the mud from Andrew’s eyes and he could’ve sworn that he’d felt something curl protectively around his middle, and jerk his arm forward and down to catch the brass plaque, its runes flashing bright in the otherwise dimly lit tunnel, before it slid into the rapidly tumbling water. Continue reading

Disappeared 17

Six Sentence Stories

Meanwhile, back in the underground sewer that flowed beneath the haunted mansion and out to the mighty river, Andrew swore as the blast of hot air knocked him off his feet; he didn’t perceive the single silent word “Stop!” but he did feel a strong, sure force grab him around both biceps and pull him back from sliding off the walkway and into the tumbling water. Continue reading

Disappeared 10

Bunch of carrots

Carrots. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Andrew stood, patting his pockets for the matchbox, and noticed a hollow in the tunnel wall, the same size as the plaque of runes gleaming on the oozing mudslide before him. He blinked, surprised. There were runes on the wall, as well! Continue reading

Disappeared 9

Six Sentence Stories

It wasn’t until Andrew hurled the broken flashlight down the basement hallway of the haunted mansion that he realized how angry he was at his sister, his long-absent father, his overworked mother, the short-term Stepdad, and the two bratty twin girls the man mostly left behind after the divorce. Continue reading