Midwest scribbler who loves to play with words.

Short stories and flash fiction

Something to while away the hours and lend a breath of fresh air

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    • Actually, this is all my own work, but there are many groups here on WP that issue weekly flash writing challenges, to prompt words, pictures, or short scenarios (for instance, Carrot Ranch!). And it’s a great way to create and meet community up here! Bon chance!


  1. Enjoyed your post. Looking for a new direction to go with regards my writing (I call myself a ‘wannabe writer of sorts’) and so I got to thinking about Flash Fiction and/or Drabbles. Look forward to following your site and reading your posts.

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    • Really, none, cuz it’s just me. But look around WordPress (use the Reader). There are a lot of sites here with on-going challenges. Good luck & have fun!


      • Indianapolis had two seasons. Winter and summer. Spring and Autumn may have had a whole day apiece. Also had never been in a serious hail storm – yet twice while we were there. Nasty stuff hail storms.

        We were there about 8 years. Worst place for hubby’s allergies. Stuff came in and settled in the ‘bowl’ with nothing to blow ’em away. Loved to visit the Children’s museum there with my young children.
        Never did go to the Indy 500 though.

        Life takes us various places and we adapt 🙂

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  2. Thanks you so very much for taking an interest in my blog. I hope that you will find my stories interesting for some light and casual reading, but intriguing enough in their complexity to want to visit often. Anytime you visit, I love feedback. I am still a writer very rough-around-the-edges. Any feedback I can get, I cherish! Thanks again for your visit.

    Looking forward to reading some of your stories.



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