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The challenge? Write a story in 6 sentences, no more & no less, and if you’d like, share your creation or just visit and comment on others’ ideas, with GirlieOnTheEdge, Denise. The prompt is “SILK”, and here’s where you join the party:   Six Sentence Stories

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The disco music faded behind them as their descent down the tunneled slide, surprisingly slow and steady, led them around corners, into sudden drops, and sinewy curves that seemed to double back on their journey. Along the way, Jill had managed to grab Jack’s other ankle and pull herself further up his legs, hooking his feet underneath her armpits; what would have been an embarrassing position under any other circumstance wasn’t going to rattle her calm, not after the adventures they’d had since being pulled through the stained glass portal and into the fairy tale world.

The tunnel was a slick, pale green, cool and smooth as silk, and the teens never bumped or scraped against its sides, even when it jack-knifed and doubled back, even as Jill felt her dirndl and blouse melt away, only to re-form around her naked body as the jeans and shirt she’d worn at the story’s beginning.

She was glad that she’d been watching the tunnel’s sides flow by when she heard Jack gasp and the wiry hairs on his legs smoothed to worn denim; she didn’t want to know him that well, this soon.

As the tunnel widened and flattened, the two rotated, slowed, and stopped at a clear hatch that showed a broad meadow that rolled down to a hill and disappeared into a thick line of leafy trees.

With a cry of delight, Jill gave the hatch a kick, and one more, and the two tumbled out onto the grass, as the tunnel continued off into darkness.

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Jack and Jill lay tumbled, side-by-side on the grassy hill, studying a sky nearly as cloudless as the one they’d left that morning. In the distance a freeway rumbled with homeward bound commuters, and nearer, a crow cawed and broke from the trees, three cardinals in hot pursuit for its attempt to rob their nests.

Jack, felt he had to say something, so he turned his head to look at Jill, venturing, “So, I suppose a second date is out of the question?”

Jill laughed, rolling to her side and propping her head on a slender hand, said “Not at all! But this time, I’ll plan it, okay?”

Her lips on his mouth were soft and silky.


© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2023)

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    • Sometimes the best dates are the ones you just…fall into, tho’.
      Thanks for your comments, always. You win the internet for being a congenial & thoughtful commenter!

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