Disappeared 48

Vintage Unicorn

Source: Rawpixel LTD/Flickr

All were in their necessary places: Eloise and Bethany watched from behind the tunnel gate leading to the stairs that would bring them all up to the mansion’s basement level; Andrew knelt on the muddy path, holding the brass plaque gingerly from underneath, one hand burnt from his earlier partial read of the engraved message that had gotten him there in the first place; spectral Joseph, his eyes intent on the soft, young faces of Chucky and Ducks, laid his long fingers and palms along two contiguous edges, fully aware of his role in the current situation.

The Twins’ tiny hands held the remaining two edges, and the Mage, even further removed to the Shadow Land than was Joseph, slapped one hand over the rune he’d carved in the tunnel wall decades ago, the other hand reaching and ready to press his thumb firmly down on the center rune on the plaque all supported.

The spell’s words had to be true and from the heart, but also be reflective of the two girls who would recite them.

“Don’t you two dare be silly when you say this spell,” the Mage warned, and then he began, the two following haltingly:  

Ibbidy bibbidy bobbidy boo

Bring back and unbind these others, these two.

Stifling their giggles at the Mage’s furious brow, the two lowered their heads and continued:

Look to these hands,

Unbind the band,

Bibbidy bobbidy ibbidy bead

As we hath prayed it, so mote they be freed.

The Mage hesitated, pressed his thumb down, and air and sound and water stilled.

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2022)

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