Disappeared 45

Six Sentence Stories

“Mom?” Andrew’s heart pounded when he heard Bethany’s voice echoing through the sewer tunnel, at the same time that Joseph, his form flickering and strengthening, turned away from the boy to mouth her name. 

“Andrew?” Bethany answered, pushing past Eloise to get to her son.

“Shadowman says stop,” hissed The Twins, wheeling around and planting their bodies, hands held palms forward, across the width of the tunnel that led past the ruined speakeasy. “We have to go slowly cuz it isn’t safe.”

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2022)                                                                   

The challenge? Write a story in 6 sentences, no more & no less, and if you’d like, share your creation or just visit and comment on others’ ideas, with GirlieOnTheEdge, Denise. The prompt is “FORM”, and here’s where you join the party: Six Sentence Stories  

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