Disappeared 41

Denise over at Six Sentence Stories (#225), has us thinking about “Sin”, in Sixes, so it seemed a good time to visit the main characters of the Disappeared series, as they take a little inventory of themselves: Eloise, Andrew, Bethany, Scottish Mage, Chuckie & Ducks Six Sentence Stories

Eloise: I guess it was wrong, daring my brother, Andrew, to explore the basement of the haunted mansion on the cliffs over the river, with nothing but a failing flashlight and three matches, except that he was going to leave me to go off to college and put me in charge of Chuckie and Ducks (the Monster Twins) full time, since Mom’s totally overwhelmed at her job (she should def quit) and Stepdad’s dumping his two daughters (callous a-hole) in favor of his last-chance girlfriend, who doesn’t like kids; I only succeeded in making the abandonment happen sooner and I’m missing my big brother already. 

Andrew: Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have put double locks and a deadbolt on the door of my attic bedroom, and maybe I shouldn’t have left Eloise to take care of all the little stuff (and the Monster Twins) while I plotted my escape, and maybe I shouldn’t have been nosing around in Dad’s folklore and spell books (clearly locked up tight in his file cabinet), and maybe I should’ve checked the flashlight batteries myself (really, Eloise?), and yeah, probably I should have obeyed the No Trespassing signs posted all around the mansion, and stayed out of the sewer (cuz it stinks like sulfurous corpse crotch); but I’m here now up to my armpits in slimy mud in this creepy luminescent tunnel with a icy brass plaque of runes that shudders and calls to me (initially really interesting, not so much now), but I’m not regretting the exploration because there’s this voice whispering to me (hold on), and for some odd reason, I trust it when it says that help is on the way.

Bethany: I must be out of my mind, following Chuckie and Ducks (my challenging twinset) into the bowels of a crumbling limestone tunnel that runs past the condemned and collapsed (probably haunted, too) Speakeasy, just because Eloise tells me we have to follow The Twins for once, but it’s been a long time since Joseph disappeared (no body found), and yes, giving up and settling on Skippy because he was dynamite in the sack was nuts (bc limited repertoire & not much else beneath the surface), so maybe I am one string short of a banjo and maybe I need more than six weeks vacation before starting the new job. On the other hand, I am getting better at spotting when a person or situation is wrong for me, letting go, and moving on (like how I quit my job today…you go, Girl!), and for some reason stumbling though this tunnel, following my girls into the unknown feels like exactly the right (and necessary) thing to do.

Mage: It’s been a long, long time since I’ve thought of the wrongs (I won’t call them sins) or the rights of what I’ve brought about, because in the long run, things go pretty much the way the Fates will have them, and death and life is more a dense, impenetrable fog than a shining sword between one thing and the next, except for now, as I beckon forth the fair ones with the wide green eyes (their glorious hair like sunshine and fire, a darling cleft in the chin of each dear, heart-shaped face); this moment shimmers and warms like bringing home a family I have yet to know and need to protect, as I do Joseph.

Chuckie & Ducks: Yeah, we know we’re not supposed to talk to strangers, but he’s not really, not if you look hard (but then nobody can see him but us, so ha!), and besides, Andrew needs us to say the rhymes right or he goes into the Shadowlands (instead of away to school, still not our favorite thing) so we’re gonna break some rules (again) for the Greater Good (whatever that is), and then there’s that other skinny guy with the wild hair, and the three ladies with the cloth and scissors, and a bunch of sad, bad people who’re trapped in really deep shadows (just coming up around the next bend, here…eek!) and we’re just kids and still learning and besides, you’re s’posed to be taking care of us anyway, so we can finally make things right!

© Liz Husebye Hartmann (2022)

The challenge? Write a story in 6 sentences, no more & no less, and if you’d like, share your creation or just visit and comment on others’ ideas, with GirlieOnTheEdge, Denise. The prompt is “SIN”, and here’s where you join the party:  Six Sentence Stories  

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